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How to get married in Thailand as a British National in Thailand

What you need to take to the British embassy to get them to witness your affidavit 

As of Nov 1, 2022

 Documents needed by the British embassy in Bangkok to marry in Thailand. This list  is designed for clients of ‘Legally Married in Thailand’ only

– First and foremost is your British embassy appointment sheet printout.
 – Your current British passport on which you entered Thailand on. 
– Our prechecked by Legally married in Thailand affidavit printout. – un signed
– or your online filled in affidavit already at the embassy.
– Your embassy fees must have already been paid in full for both services in order to get the re-confirmation of the appointment.
– If previously married and now, divorced or widowed. Bring your original British issued spouse’s death certificate, or if divorced your British divorce document. You need the original and not just photocopies 
The embassy will actually check the grammar of your affidavit and watch you sign your affidavit. Then they will stamp and witness the affidavit and they collect your money and you can then exit the embassy.
***for most people the registrar will also demand an embassy certified copy of your passport. These registry offices are all in Bangkok and some in the north of Thailand. We will discuss if needed ahead of your visit to the embassy.   The embassy will charge you an additional fee. We will confirm if you need this. As many of our clients will not need it. 

Right outside the embassy. You will hand over the following 

To be brought and handed over to our staff.  
a) The copy of your affidavit which the British embassy has already stamped and signed.  – 1 sheet
a1) ***  The embassy certified copy of your passport the British embassy has already stamped and signed. – 1 sheet
b) Two proper photocopies of your British passport’s photo page and the facing page. – 2 A4 photocopies.
c) Two proper photocopies of your actual entry stamp page (arrival stamp) and facing page.  – 2 A4 photocopies. 
d) That is the page which the Thai immigration officer stamped into your passport. It tells you the actual when you must leave Thailand. – 2 A4 photocopies
e) Two proper photocopies if your Fiances is a Thai national of her Thai ID card front and back. signed by her. – 2 A4 photocopies
f) Two proper photocopies if your Fiances is a Thai national of her Thai “Tabien Baan” AKA her house book – 2 A4 photocopies.
That is the basic list of documents needed by the British embassy in Bangkok to marry in Thailand. Any questions let me know. 
We will also need you to sign a limited Power of Attorney so we can do all the running around on your behalf. It by law will be in Thai language , no exceptions. 
After these are handed over and checked. Then you are free to go explore Bangkok or head off until your registration day. 
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