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Canadian Nationals Requirements to legally Marry in Thailand. As a Canadian considering getting legally married in Thailand, be aware it is legally binding marriage in Canada. However only if, you follow the rules of a registered marriage in Thailand under Thai law. 
It will require some preparations before you come to Thailand for most people.
A trip to your Canadian embassy in Bangkok will be required. In order to witness your affidavits. Do it in Bangkok or your Canadian consulate in Chiang Mai is a more friendly option.

The Candian embassy or consulate do require an appointment. It must be made in order to have your documentation certified by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign affairs. The document certification cannot be done in Canada or any other Candain embassy or consulate overseas.  This is because the signature of the witness must be on file at the Thai MFA in Bangkok. We can make these appointments for you.

 Requirements to marry in Thailand

You must be over 20 years of age to marry legally in Thailand. Or your parents must be there as a witness at your marriage registration.
The bride cannot be divorced less than 310 days if she is Pregnant. This must be proven by a Thai hospital. If her registration date will be fewer than 310 days after her divorce is finalized.

You must not be related.

 Let us help make it easy and fast.  

We will send you the template of the Canadian Freedom to marry affidavit. It is special and is designed for the Thai government requirements.  It is to be prefilled in before you arrive. We will check and proof it by email.
If you decide to use our services please feel free to contact us. Best to fill in the questionnaire on our contact page so we can properly explain the process and options. As it applies to your unique details as what a Canadian requires to legally marry in Thailand. 
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