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DIY Marriage Registration in Thailand

The purpose of this article is to set a lot of outdated and incorrect rumours straight, that is on the web, about the marriage registration for a Thai and British national couple in Thailand: 

So I am going to explain the procedure for a British national to marry a Thai national. I chose this example as it is the sample most mentioned by Bloggers, As many British nationals choose to marry in Thailand. 

How to get legally married in Thailand as a DIY process, you asked, I am answering with the correct details.

I’m not saying you can’t DIY your marriage registration if you’re both foreigners; you can, if you have many weeks to spare and don’t care about how your choose to spend your time in Thailand. 
Almost everything that needs to be done in Thailand can be done by a foreigner on their own. Except, you are required to provide two Thai nationals as witnesses and a Thai national translator to go to the registration. It may cost you as much as, or even more than, hiring a professional to assist you in the whole process. When it comes to extra travel, Staying in Bangkok hotels or guesthouses, local transport, and subscribing out minor services to people like translations. 
Who the hell do I think I am, telling you what to do, you are not even a (insert any nationality here)!
I am writing this as a Thai marriage professional with over two decades of experience in providing services related to getting Non-Thai and mixed Thai-Farang couples legally married in Thailand. 
My journey, started with my personal couples when I was a part-time destination wedding planner. That slowly lead to being asked by wedding planners in the south asking if there is any way I can help with their client’s processing. I was delighted to help. Then we started the website you have now found. Where we now serve everyone, 
I am the Founder and owner of the firm which services everything from long-term ex-pat couples living in Thailand. or couples that come to Thailand to just register their marriage here as it is easier than where they are living, to traditional destination wedding couples.  So I must say that my small team and myself have a well-earned reputation in our industry as the most client-centric marriage registration firm in Thailand.  As we offer the fastest possible service with the least amount of stress for our clients. We are the worst at social media and marketing, I see law firms that have amazing marketing and promotions and I can only be impressed at the revenues they get.  

How do I get my marriage legally registered in Thailand as a DYI process?

 The DIY Thai marriage registration of my marriage. Unlike Some clickbait articles say, it can’t be completed in two days. The process will take much longer even if or mix Thai and Farang couples. I will outline the timing below, that being the real amount of time it takes in 2022, or more exactly the time it honestly takes on 13/10/2022. I am stating this date, as all details are as of this date.  I do not need to see or read comments on “when my friend or, or I and my now Thai wife did it back in  202X, As I am only stating as of a certain date, as believe Me, I know things change and all details and facts are of this date ONLY. 
I chose this date as is the anniversary of King Rama the 9th of Thailand’s death. So with a 4-day government holiday, I have chosen to take some time to set facts straight, from my and our l professional experience. Sorry, there are even many embassy pages with outdated and just wrong info, 

What are the marriage registration laws for entitlement to marry in Thailand legally? 

Ensuring you two are qualified or allowed to get married together and register your marriage in Thailand under Thai law. 
a) They may not be same-sex couples. maybe coming soon, but I have heard that for decades. 
b) Both individuals must be at least 17 years old or, if the law in your native country is in effect, be of legal marriageable age. You must get a court order to get married if under 17 years of age. Not likely to happen. 
Note: most registry offices will insist that anyone who has yet to have had their 20th Birthday can not get married to a foreigner unless the court approves or sometimes if the Thai father and mother are both there in person and grant their consent (if legally married both must be personally present not just a note). Also, bring the Thai birth certificate to the registry office as well.  
Our firm normally does not assist couples under 20 years of age to get registered, we of course will in some cases…
c) Neither of them should be declared mad, insane or mentally incapable. That is the case for both parties. 555
d) Both of them may not be brothers or sisters of full or half blood, 
di) They may not be in the direct ascendant or descendant line, which are the forbidden degrees of relationship.
dii) Their adoptive parents shouldn’t be the same for either of them.
e) When they get married, neither of them can be already legally married at that time. ie: plural marriages are not allowed. 
f) If the bride is divorced within the last 310 days, she must not be pregnant. A pregnancy test is performed and prove she is not “with child” at a Thai-approved hospital and must prove this if she is divorced within 310 days. 
g) The British nationals require consent from their British embassy in Thailand. This is in the form of a sworn affidavit from their Thai embassy in Thailand. 
h) All British nationals require their embassy in Thailand to provide them with a certified copy of their passport. 
i) The British national must enter Thailand on their British passport. 
j) The type of Thai visa the British national has is not important. It must be valid and have enough time left to do the whole process. 
That is easy is it not?

Getting your affidavit from the British embassy in Bangkok.

(That is for British nationals ONLY, of course) 
The British embassy is located in the AIA Sathorn Tower,
Floor 12 A
11/1 S Sathorn Rd, Sathon,
Bangkok, 10120.
British Embassy Bangkok on Google Maps
1) Prepare for an embassy appointment with the British embassy in Bangkok to obtain your sworn affidavit and certified copy of your British passport. As of Oct 13th 2022, there is only a 12-day delay in getting any British embassy appointments to get the documents issued to register your marriage in Thailand, in normal years appointments must be booked over a month ahead during most of the year.
  • You may apply for an affirmation of marriage and get a certified copy of your passport at the British embassy in Thailand only!

    Applying for an affirmation allowing marriage for a British national.

Note this affidavit may only be signed and stamped at the British embassy in Thailand only, not by other locales.  You need to book an embassy appointment online well ahead of the date you want to go. At present is only about bringing an affirmation of marriage to your pre-made embassy appointment at the British embassy in Bangkok.

You can fill in an affirmation of marriage form online or bring your hard copy paper version form to the appointment. Best to go with the online version is easier, as well as changes that may be needed in this form easier...

Applying for a British affirmation of Freedom to marriage online

You can only apply online if you have a UK passport. It costs £50 embassy fee per affidavit and £20 for the certified copy of your passport. These must be prepaid online to the British government. a fair requirement to ensure people go to their appointment and are serious. 

These documents are certified by the British embassy for a few reasons
– if you lie on your affidavit, you can be legally charged. in The UK .as it is done on British soil! ie embassy.
– your embassy has the right and opportunity to refuse you getting married in Thailand if got any reason they see fit that you do not qualify by your nation’s laws,
– it ensures that you have to state your profession so your spouse actually knows your occupation and thus a now implied salary income. Yes, some people lie to sexy potential mates about things. I often think the Thai national should have to do the same for their betrothed.
– It provides overseas contact details of people who know the British national if there is a problem in the future.    

To apply for a British affirmation of marriage online, you’ll need:

  • a photo of your UK passport
  • your partner’s passport or Thai ID number the Thai ID is a far better option as the numbers never change.
  • your parents’ full name
  • name and address of 2 referees (British nationals preferred) who do not live in Thailand
  • the province and date of marriage registration at the district office you hope to register in
  • a debit or credit card so you can prepay for both services online before the appointment will be confirmed…

If you’ve been married before you’ll need proof that the marriage is legally over. That normally means a divorce decree or spousal death certificate.   Originals are expected and not just a photocopy of it.

You must go in person to your embassy to sign the affidavit, It can not be done on your behalf. 
1) The British embassy does require you to state the location of the marriage is intended to be registered. This is their own I and there is no legal or useful reason for this. It will cause a problem if your affidavit state or they accidentally state a location that the Amphur (registry office) will or cannot register a Foreigner in. Then you will need to return pay more embassy fees and start the process again. 

2) In addition to the location of the marriage registration, the Embassy requires that the month in which you want to register be included on the affidavit. This is in addition to the location where the marriage was registered. This reduces the time period within which the affidavit may be used. This implies that if you intend to register on a specific day, such as November 30, you must do so. If, for example, the Thai government decides to impose an additional vacation for government employees or the computer system at the registery office fails — both of which might occur on the 30th — you will have to begin the entire process from scratch.

There is no law in Thailand or the United Kingdom that mandates this statement of the month; rather, it is only the embassy’s policy. Your marriage confirmation may only be used to register your marriage for the designated calendar month. This means that you are only permitted to be married in the month specified on your declaration. There are a few registry offices that are more flexible but most will not be so kind if you are registering with a Thai citizen.

As of Oct.12 2022, the Chiang Mai registry office due to the present musical chair policy of the Thai government moving staff has no authorised register that can register a Foreigner, in the entire province. It has not been possible for a couple of weeks already. The province also the new governor of the province must sign off on the new registrar to authorise the duty. The sad part is there is a staff member in Chiang Mai who has over the years been authorised several times, but when a new person is brought in their authorisation is automatically revoked.   As a location is stated on the document most other registry officers will not allow registration in their Amphur using it.  So be sure to ask the registry office if they can and are willing to register the marriage of a foreign and Thai couple. Before you go to your embassy. 
2) Before leaving your embassy check:
– The documents are both signed and stamped. Yes, they have more than an acceptable amount of time forgotten to actually stamp them. 
– Check all details are as you filled out on your online form. somehow one of our couples had the wrong location stated. Fortunately, as soon as we saw the problem, I asked a personal favour and got consent from the intended registrar’s office to do the registration for the couple.. He was so understanding, and we were allowed to use it.  So no need to return. By the way, most embassies do not state the location on their affidavit format as there is no legal reason to under Thai law or any law in fact. 

How to have your British affidavit and your certified copy of your passport,  translated into Thai so that the English documents can be legally used by the Thai registry office?   

The Thai language translations of the British Freedom to Marry documents.
– In the past the documents needed to be translated by what was a Thai MOFA approve translator. That is a bit f a misnomer. That being said I would not recommend that under any circumstance that you have just anyone translate the documents.  The reason is if done by a scholar, or even a fluent Thai-English native speaker and properly translated will mean several visits and days wasted! Because the approved versions are little interested in the actual accuracy and fluency. Even if use their desired dialect, if you submit it one day, you will get the needed changes, from that what was demanded yesterday, 
 Best to save your time and feelings and pay the Official translator fees and be happy. If you are into S&M you are best to get your Thai girlfriend to do it and enjoy the argument it will cause.  
How long does it take to DIY register my marriage in Thailand?
Let me give you more of a time frame than just a set number of days.
If you are planning on coming to Thailand and doing it Yourself and one of you is a Thai national. Then please plan on contacting your embassy at least a month ahead of the date you want to go to the British embassy to make your online embassy appointment, It normally opens two months in advance of the date. of or OCT 2022, Appointments are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays at present only.
Then it will normally only take about 20-40 minutes normally at the British embassy. 
Then drop in at a translations shop for the translations. Best to prearrange an appointment with a translator if you are trying to do this as fast as possible as some sites recommend you do.   

Going to the Thai MOFA to submit the documents for authorisation and certification to register a marriage in Thailand. 

Take your Thai-speaking partner it will help a heck of a lot!!!!!
Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Google Maps
I am going to only list the main branch as has advantages to go here,
The other one is at the Subway station at 
Klong Toey MRT Station

it’s located in the Metro Mall
ถนน พระรามที่ 4 คลองเตย

The one fact that most western written marriage websites forget to mention or they maybe have no idea about is, that for a long time now, the MOFA requires pre-booked online appointments.  Only one appointment per booker name can be booked every 7 days. 
My advice is, to assume the day you booked the British embassy day is going to be used up for getting your affidavits and arranging the translations into the Thai language. Then book for the next morning for submissions at the MOFA. Sorry, there is no same-day express service anymore for embassy-issued documents!  This is now the case in all the MOFA offices.
My experience in submitting documents
– You will submit your documents, that being the two embassy-certified documents and a copy of your Thai partner’s Thai ID Card.
– Then go back on the third business day to collect them.
– If by some miracle there are no required changes you are one Lucky SOB. If so the documents will be handed back stamped and signed to you.
– Since the God(s) are clearly with you, on your way home stop off and buy a Thai lottery ticket. 
– If you are a mere mortal like the rest of us, make the changes as ordered and resubmit.
– You might be a little lucky and betold to wait until they are rechecked- success  
– If not lucky you must make new changes and resubmit and return the next day. 
– Please note the person who rechecks is not often the same person, so they may have personal preferences and pet peeves there is no higher authority to complain to, that will do anything, so be quiet and be polite or …..

Getting registered at the Amphur (registry offices outside the greater Bangkok area) or Khet (a Registry office in the greater Bangkok area) 

OK, You’re now ready to walk into any Amphur or Khet in Thailand according to some embassy websites and get registered. What a load of scat. The New Zealand embassy’s Thailand marriage page is just one of many that states this misinformation. I feel like the almighty powerful using that term. No, it is an incorrect statement… 

Most Registery offices will not or are not even allowed to register any marriages in which one party is a Foreigner. 

If they are authorised to register Foreigners, they will more often than not tell you, to submit the documents and they will contact you when they have checked all the documents and contacted the Thai MOFA and your respective embassy for authenticity. 555. 
Note: I know this to be done by the registry office with Burmese nationals, in the past 20 years of experience.   
The registry offices at present in Bangkok, Koh Samui or Phuket will now make you wait, anywhere from if lucky 10 days to more normally about 45 days. They will do that waiting period on a case-by-case basis. That is why I highly recommend dressing very conservatively and politely so it may be the shorter end of the spectrum. If by chance you are both doctors working in Thailand or she is a famous “Thai Dara” I am sure there will be no need to recheck the documents.
So the timing is fluid, like most things in Thailand. So read your parent’s old copy of “Dress for Success”. 

Let’s review the timing requirements so far to register on your own.

Book an embassy appointment and wait the10 – 30 days until one opens. That just means do not arrive in Thailand unprepared.

  • One Business day for the embassy paperwork, translation and submission if you like to run around like a Chicken with your head cut off.  
  • Then at least 3-4 and possibly more likely 4-5 Business days to get the documents certified by the Thai MOFA
  • One business day to go to the registry office to submit documents
  • Wait for the registration office to contact you back, at present 10 – 45 days at present for the registration of your marriage. If by chance you did contact her Amphur and they are willing to do your marriage registration you’re in luck.     

Going to the Marriage Registry Office to get it finalized.

Please be aware each registry office has its requirements and procedures above the legally required ones. 
  • The minimum required documents to bring are:
  • Bring your passport from the UK.
  • One photocopy of your British passport’s info page
  • One photocopy of your entry stamp and visa for Thailand
  • The Affirmation of Freedom to Marry was certified by the Thai MOFA  also One photocopy of it.
  • Your passport translation with the MOFA seal and your fiance’s Thai ID card
  • Two Thai citizens with their Thai ID cards are also required to serve as witnesses. In the majority of registry offices, it is best to know them as well.
  • An approved English-Thai translator. Must be a Thai national.
The further from Bangkok or if the registrar does not do many Thai-Foreigner marriage registrations, they tend to be a “Belt and Suspender” type official. I know of some that demand two Thai witnesses which know the Thai personally and two foreign witnesses from the same country as the foreigner, and the Thai-English translator who is a Thai National, to all be present,

What I recommend preparing and bringing to the registry office.

– The Brit must bring his embassy-issued documents and his passport. Also, best practice to bring the supporting documents of your divorce or your spouse’s original death certificate just to be sure. If she was divorced before and less than 310 days ago she must have her approved proof of non-pregnancy.
– The Thai must only bring their Thai ID card. However, I recommend they also bring their Thai house book.
 – If by the chance a Thai bride has been married to a Thai or Foreigner before best to make sure she has changed her name back to her Thai Maiden name. If they still after being divorced, and is using their ex’s last name, they must show the Thai certificate proving their Ex’s legal consent for her to use it. Before she can get remarried.  
– If she was divorced less than 310 days ago she must have her approved proof of non-pregnancy unless she is remarrying her, ex-husband. 

At the Registry Office will after you have met all requirements, 

– The translator must fill in 3 detailed application forms, only in the Thai language requesting that your marriage be registered.
– Each of your two witnesses must fill in their own witness form and provide a photocopy of their Thai ID card. They also must have their current Thai ID cards as well to be inserted in the ID reader and verified.
These forms along with all documents certified by the Thai MOFA. Now must be handed to them.
– The officer will check all the documents carefully and input the details into the computer system.
– The officer will then print out the Kor Ror 2 in Thai and have you and your partner read and proof the details. If all is correct you will be instructed to sign the document. 
– Then there is a wait while the senior registrar checks and makes sure all is in order. 
– Then the registrar will sign the Kor Ror 3.
 Congratulations you are legally recognised as legally married in Thailand and Britain.
You each will get a set of documents in the Thai language as Thailand. That is a copy of Kor Ror 2 and an original of Kor Ror 3.  you each get a set as in Thailand the marriage is a contractual marriage, not a chattel marriage. Do not lose or destroy the original Thai marriage certificates. 
if asked the registry office will issue you an English version of the Kor Ror 2 and Kor Ror3 documents.
This will take at least an hour longer to get it that day, is wanted for some reason and is basically a waste of your time. A few days later can ask any Amphur or Khet to print out a copy 

I do not recommend that you use this English version of the copy of the Thai registry page or Kor Ror 3 certified by the Thai MOFA. As it is incomplete compared to the Thai version. and basically will be a hassle or useless if you ever actually need to use it with another country. It is far better if you have the Thai versions translated into English and then certified by the Thai MOFA. It will take a few days longer to get certified, but well worth it.

My personal thoughts have nothing to Do with the legality of getting registered!

The advice or simple facts nobody wants to tell couples about to marry. That goes double for Foreign and Thai couples or most mixed-cultural couples, so I will.  
The simplest fact is: many people get divorced. Some are great divorces where it is just all agreeable and no drama. Sadly, that is not the norm. 
So if you are a wise person, you hope for the best and plan for the worst
1) Best to at least discuss the possibility and maybe even arrange a written prenup. 
–  I have been married for over 30 years and still am! It has been wonderful overall but at times it has been hard too. 
– I was in love and head over heels when I got married. (First and hopefully the last marriage for both of us.) 
– However, my mother-in-law advised, no, more demanded we have a prenup. 
– You might think it was to protect her most loved son, and his considerable assets, but you would be wrong.  
– She knew what it was like to be married and how often the bride gives up her career, then the dynamic changes and the opportunities for professional advancement often change.
– Not to mention what if children enter the picture? 
– Heaven forbid that a younger woman captures his heart.  
– Then the millions of questions.. Where will the children be? What rights do you want to secure for the Children? To what level will one support their children? Who will they live with? Financial expectations and asset division?
– I am not saying is only the man who is to blame. 
Also if you are a farang living in Thailand and you are planning to marry Thai, if you do not at least discuss with her or his expectations or desires if there is a breakup then,,, Those who fail to plan, plan to fail! 
At least it will open the channel of communication to expectations and desires should, heaven forbid, a breakup happens. 
NOTE: You have worked a lifetime to obtain what you have. what if find out, you do not know that your (HUSBAND OR WIFE) is nothing like you thought THEY were, and they are hell-bent on taking it all away if THEY are mad at you, do you? 
Ask yourself these points…
Do you
1) fully understand Thai law, do you? 
2) fully understand Thai Culture do you? 
3) Do you want to hand down things to your other family members?
4) remember ever hearing a Man say he fully understands women? 

5) remember ever hearing, men are like children. Children often change their minds and forget what they say.. 

Yes, A will is more flexible, and some people say safer, as it can be changed, but it can also be more dangerous, as it can be put into effect by a bullet or an unexplained accident. That is sadly not a joke.
“Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards.” – Quote of Benjamin Franklin. Before you complain.. He was the youngest son of 10 sons of Josiah Franklin an England native.


These are the basic requirements for “Do it yourself marriage registration” but is more complicated than it sounds It also must be taken into account that the requirements are always changing. 

I truly believe that unless you are marrying a Thai national you should leave the paperwork to us! If you agree, contact us

Here is one person who understands how things work and about getting legally married in Thailand. 
This is his opion about DIY your own marriage registartion in Thailand. 

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My nickname is "Jit", and I am in charge of looking after our legal documentation and marriage registration preparations for couples to make their marriage legal.

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