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This is for those that have time in Phuket between their arrival in Bangkok and their ceremony in Phuket. This service is designed for couples that have 5 working days from arrival in Bangkok until they want to register in Phuket.

This service is great for larger wedding parties and couples wanting to explore the many exotic wonders of Bangkok and the vibrant culture of Thailand before they hold a destination wedding or register their marriage in Phuket.

You just have to go to your embassy in Bangkok for about an hour then you’re free to explore the capital or depart for the island, while we take care of the rest of the paperwork. Then, when you ready to register your marriage in Phuket, our staff will pick you up at your resort (or anywhere in Phuket) and escort you to the Amphur to register your marriage with his assistance.

Cost:  The cost of our service with the registration being done at the registry office is 14,900 baht + embassy fees

For Registering couples in Phuket with the “Special Romantic Option” at the wedding venue in Thalang and Kathu districts of Phuket: starting at 20,900 baht (depending on the district and the day of the week) + fees charged by your embassy …

In Phuket, our staff will meet you at your resort and escort you to the Amphur to register your marriage with his assistance.

A 50% deposit is required at time of booking our services and the remainder will be paid in cash before the registration day.

Special Romantic Option

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We can arrange for the Official Thai Registrar to attend your wedding ceremony in the northern districts only to legalize the marriage on site.  This does not provide any wedding ceremony. It is only making your wedding day the legal marriage day as well and means no visit to the registry office is needed.

We offer this option on weekends or even evenings to arrange for the local registrar to come to your wedding venue only if located in Tathu or Thalong districts on Phuket island.  In other words, if you want this service best to look for your perfect wedding  venue in these districts.

This will allow you to both sign the registrar to make it legal on your special day even on weekends right on site. It is only available as an extra optional service and subject to the registrar’s discretion and availability.

Contact us for costing and availability which is determined by venue location and time desired. Please note service is not available in Muang Phuket registry, district.

We recomend due to the Muang Phuket registry office (Old City) being so slow processing do not plan to register any marriage in the south end of the island.

Things to note:

The Australian. Russian and Irish Nationals can obtain their affidavits in Phuket with planning. Meaning no time normally needs to be sent in Bangkok 

We do not use domestic Thai Post (postal service) due to their slow service.

The same working day affidavit service is no longer possible for all nationalities. It normally takes less than an hour or so at your embassy. then you are free to leave to head the island Contact us and we can explain to you on a case by case basis.

Contact us and we can explain to you on a case by case basis.

We require a 50% deposit before any booking can be confirmed it can be made by Western Union or by Transferwise.com or by paypal.com  to confirm the booking.; The balance in cash is payable upon completion of registration service.