Can Chinese nationals get legally married in Thailand?  

The simple answer is yes, they can get their marriage registered in Thailand. Assuming they are not both Chinese nationals, they are able to legally register their marriage in Thailand.

What is the process for Mainland Chinese citizen to register their marriage in Thailand? 

It is a more complicated process compared to many nationalities.  The process must be started well in advance, before a Chinese national who is holding a mainland passport even comes to Thailand, unlike many nationalities. It first requires them to get a certified marital status document from the Chinese government in China. Then… it’s probably best to contact us for the most up-to-date procedure and information on what you need to do in China before coming to Thailand. in order to make it possible to register here in Thailand.

You, as a Chinese citizen, at present, can not register in every city in Thailand. As well, the few registry offices that can and will register a Chinese national have different requirements for the Chinese national to meet before they will register the marriage.

To legally register your marriage under Thai law, it will require quite some time before you come to Thailand to get all your required documentation in order and translated before you even come here.

If you are working in Thailand, there is a way to get all the supporting documents from there, but it is an even more detailed process and takes even longer to get done. There is no way around this.

Can Mainland Chinese register a legally recognised marriage within Thailand?

Chinese nationals can marry almost any foreigner, but they cannot legally marry another Chinese national. So, yes, Chinese can get a legally recognised legal marriage, that is legally regonised in China too which can be registered under Thai law. It is not easy and is found in only a few places in Thailand. The majority of registrars cannot, and those who can will not. We will always work with the few that will to ensure a fast and legal marriage for our couples.

How to get started

If you wish to arrange your legal marriage in Thailand using or services, please contact us through our contact page and it is best to use our questionnaire for the service, as we need many details asked on this page to explain the process as it pertains to your case. So, please be sure to answer correctly and provide as much detail as possible .

This post is not meant to be a full-detailed explanation of the marriage registration process for Chinese nationals. Nor is it meant to be a DYI explanation of the entire process, as that is not possible at this time.

As well, the process and requirements change depending on the other nationality involved. the desired registration location In fact, I do not recommend that any Chinese national even try to do it on their own.  

 If you contact us, I can explain the procedure as it applies to you as a couple.   

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