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New Zealand Citizen Requirements to get Married in Thailand 

NEW ZEALAND Citizen requirements to marry in Thailand 
Complete a Statutory Declaration form at the Embassy. You must have your signature witnessed by an Embassy staff member. The cost for this service is 1,330 Baht in cash; the exact change is appreciated.
You must also present your New Zealand passport.

If you have been married before, the Thai authorities also require an Embassy certified copy of either, the death certificate of your spouse, or the “Order Dissolving the Marriage” (otherwise know as a Divorce Certificate) from a court. The Embassy can only certify documents if they were issued in New Zealand and the fee for this service is 540 Baht.

If either party is under the age of twenty, written permission from both parents (with Thai translation) will be required. Some registry offices require the parents present to witness. Check with us to know about your chosen location. 

Can I use a Certificate of No Impediment (Single Certificate) instead of making a statutory declaration at the Embassy in Bangkok?
No It must  be witnessed by a person whos signature is on file with the Thai MFA. 

Can I pay by credit card or cheque?
No. You can only make payment in cash (Thai Baht).

I am a New Zealand resident, but do not have a New Zealand passport, can I make a statutory declaration for marriage at the New Zealand Embassy?
No. You will need to go to the Embassy of the passport you are travelling on. As well as be a citzen of that country. Not a refugee status. 

I was divorced in Australia; can the New Zealand Embassy certify my Divorce Certificate from a Court in Australia?
No. The Australian Embassy in Bangkok will need to certify your Divorce Certificate. 

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