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The Chiang Mai Basic Marriage Registration Procedure

Legally marry in Chiang Mai:  Legal Marriage Registration Services in Chiang Mai using our services is easy and fast. 


Now you can get married legally in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with our professional support.

We do the running around the Thai government offices for you. That means at least 4 full working days are required once your affidavits are stamped and handed over to our staff in Chiang Mai or Bangkok. 

Your legal marriage registration will be performed and permanently recorded in the cities annals of the ancient and romantic city of Chiang Mai. Many couples need not even go to Bangkok. This is determined by their home nationalities. Like  Canadian consulate, USA consulate in Chiang Mai. As these consulates are authorized to witness affidavits.

We can also start the embassy process in Bangkok and finalize it legally in Chiang Mai. We can do it all from start to finish in Chiang Mai for some couples. Whichever works best with your plans!

Contact us to discuss this option further.


  Getting legally married in Chiang Mai includes :

・  Preparation of Affirmation of Freedom to Marry. This will be done before you arrive in Thailand. We will check the affidavit’s wording to avoid any delays or hassles. By either your embassy or with the Thai Government. This is most important in order to, avoid wasting your valuable vacation time in Thailand. 

・ Couples who have consulates in Chiang Mai, such as the Canadian,   America and others can get their affidavits witnessed here. We will take you from their Chiang Mai city accommodations to your consulates.  After that, we can then instantly collect your affidavits. Thus ensuring, a speedy translation and processing of them. Above all, you have no need for you to even go to Bangkok. 

・    The translations of Affirmation of Freedom to Marry will be translated into the Thai language. Then, they will be certified by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs registered translators. That us.

・    In addition, the final Certification of the translations must and will be done by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs on your behalf.

On your marriage registration day 

・    When the documentation is complete and returned. We accompany you both to register your marriage at the district office in Chiang Mai. 

 ・  Our staff is your required translator at the registry office and we provide witnesses, as you are required to supply witnesses. Moreover, your marriage will be recorded for prosperity.

・    As a result, we will hand them over to you in person within minutes of your marriage is legally registered in the Chiang Mai.*

・  We will provide you with a Translator certified English translation of your Thai Marriage Certificate.



For couples registering in Chiang Mai11,000 Baht + Your embassy fees.
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Legally Married in Thailand, is also available to help with related services 

– We will prepare and submit Prenuptial agreements to the registry office. 
– Documents certified or translations for your expat work visas. 
– Applying for immigration visas of couples with different nationalities. 
–  Preparation of application for spousal visas

In conclusion, Chiang Mai is a great place to register your wedding and we are a helpful firm that will make it easy to get legally married in Chiang Mai.

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