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How do Indonessian citizens get married in Thailand.


Yes, it is possible to marry and be both Indonesian nationals and even with different religions if done in Thailand.  

Below are the required documents from back home as of Feb 2019 for an indonessian to marry in Thailand.

To that end, we will assist with everything from start to finish. We  can have you married and your embassy notified in 2 weeks. 

If you want to know more just send our contact form with all your details.  Then,  I will explain the details and total costs of using our services. 

You ask, can two Indonesian get married in Thailand if they are of different religions?  

Yes, they can be 2 Indonesian nationals of different religions and will it be legally recognised back in Indonesia.
You can also be of two different nationalities and two different religions get married in Thailand. 
So in conclusion, we can make you getting legally married easier than you think.  But it does take some time, allowing you a nice honeymoon. 

Timing works out as ...


– As your Indo embassy will take 2 working days to issue your documents – You both must be present to submit documents and return the documents needed to marry in Thailand. 

– Then 3 working days to translate and have certified by The Thai MFA 

– Next working day to register the marriage at the Registry office. – You both must be present 

– We then must have both marriage documents translated and certified by the Thai MFA on your behalf – takes 1 working day. 
– Finally, you in person must notify your embassy in Bangkok you are legally married.- You both must be present as you submit on your own. 

What must be brought for your embassy in Bangkok

Original and copy of passport
Elucidation of marital status from District office in Indonesia that being forms model N1 (sampi – through) N5 it is a 5 sheet document.
As well as the daughter’s Parents written permission to marry, signed in front of the District office and by them.
A copy of your bride/groom ID Card non-Indo passport as well.
Original and copy of Divorce Certificate (for divorce status)
Original and copy of Death Certificate of /wife (for widow/widower)
Parent permission letter by District Office
Indonesian Embassy: Freedom to marry document processing (including certified passport copy) $25 US dollar)
Application must be made in person
The above documents need not be translated into English
Application time is at 09.45-11.45 of every working day . The document will be returned on the next working days at 14.00-15.30
This is what past couples required to make it work.

That is how do Indonessian citizens get married in Thailand.

Contact us: For current requirements , so we can make it  easy to get legally married in Thailand.  

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