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Indian nations requirements to get legally in Thailand

Indians marrying in Thailand. At this time Indian Nationals will not allowed to register their marriage in Thailand The Thai government will not issue the needee document certication to do so . This is of FEB 2019

As of Feb. 2019

The Indian embassy in Bangkok is now issuing affidavits for Indian nationals to marry in Thailand. It requires the Thai work permits Or education visas for the Thai MFA to certify the documents.

There are very few Thai Registry offices who will register Indian nationals. We do work with those few when allowed.. like in Koh Samui 

The Indian embassy requirements are as follows


– Applicant has to submit on his/her own behalf a Bachelorhood Affidavit from Competent Courts in India in original with photocopy. The affidavit should (must) be attested from Consular Section, (CPV Division), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. It is at (Address: Ground Floor, Patiala House, Tilak Marg, New Delhi).
– Original passport with the photocopy of all pages of personal particulars and current visa page.


– Three Working Days


– Baht 900
– Service charge Baht 70.

This is the current details for the affidavits as stated by the embassy.  I always insist couples to contact their embassy to inquire about any updates or questions they may have to acquire the affidavits.


Hope to hear from you soon


Somchit Srimoon