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 Marriage Document Preparation Only – We provide just the marriage documentation so you can register your marriage on you own. With the help of your family or wedding planner.  


These services are designed for couples who are having their wedding planner to arrange for the registrar at the ceremony venue. This will supply all  the documents need by the registrar in order to legally register your marriage. Except proper ID of course so take you passports with you. 

The other couples who enlist this service are where one is a Thai citzen and who intend to go to the Thai spouse’s local hometown to register their legal marriage. They do that part on their own at the registrar office or with the help of their family.

 This Marriage document preparation service we offer is to make sure you have all your proper documentation to legally register your marriage in just about any city in Thailand. Some favourite destinations are Hua Hin, Phuket, Koh Lanta, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Chang, Buriram, Chiang Rai, and Lampang, among other cities in Thailand.

Please be aware not all registry offices will register foreign couples or mixed couples so be sure to contact us for more details of your chosen locations. Some registry offices in Thailand also have more reqirements than other ones too. 

We are happy to liaison with your wedding planner or your resort if desired.

PREMIERE DOCUMENTATION PREPARATION SERVICE: 4-5 working days, once affidavits are stamped, and depending on where in Thailand you need the papers delivered. In order to get registered in the local amphur office.


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Our service includes:

・ Preparation and proofing of the Affirmation of Freedom to Marry, before you arrive.  It is done in order to check the affidavits properly. This can be done for most nationalities however not all nationalities can be done this way.  Doing it prior to your arrival in Thailand is in order to save time. 

・ Our staff will be meeting you at your embassy in Bangkok. 
For couples who are uncomfortable about getting to their embassy on their own, from their centrally located hotel. That being  Pratunam, Ploenchit, Silom or Sukhumvit up to say Soi 19 to go to your embassy if needed. Our staff will meet you at your central hotel and escort you to your embassy, if needed. Just let us know well in advance. We do not pick up in Kao San Road area or Airports. This will be done by taxi.

Upon exiting the embassy you will hand over your embassy witnessed affidavits to my staff. He will have you also sign some releases and supply him with some photocopies of your passport and arrival documents. After that you are free to leave and enjoy your day in Bangkok.

Then what happens? 


1) We will do the translation of Affirmation of Freedom to Marry into the Thai language. This will be performed by our Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs registered translators.

2) The certification of the affidavits translations will be arranged at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs on your behalf.

3) We do this on your behalf so there is no waste valuable vacation time waiting around in Thai government offices in Bangkok.

4)  All the completed documentation that you need to register your marriage will be forwarded to almost anywhere in Thailand.

5) You can pick it up at any local airport in Thailand. Alternatively, we can courier or EMS them to your spouse’s Thai hometown, or you can take them with you when you leave Bangkok if time permits.

6) In conclusion, we do most of the footwork. And everything we can to make sure you do not need to worry aboutanything at all. In other words, all the Tthai governmet hassles people who try to do it ther own must face.  

The Costs:

The cost is for most nationalities is 9,900 baht + embassy fees, to prepare the documentation. So all that is needed is for you to hand over the envelope with all the docuemnts to your wedding planner or local registry office. We will ship them safely to you in most places in Thailand. 

Check with us on your exact time requirements which will vary from nationality to nationality.
Please be aware that we can only book one couple per day, so book early.

For the quickest reply and most accurate answers possible, please use our easy inquiry form

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Open chat

My nickname is "Jit", and I am in charge of looking after our legal documentation and marriage registration preparations for couples to make their marriage legal.

If you want to know more about me, personally check me out on "Linked In" or just Google "Somchit Srimoon", which is my full name.