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Getting Married in Thailand as anAmerician citzen

American Embassies and Consulates cannot perform or register marriages. 

A legal marriage in Thailand consists of two parties of opposite sex registering their union with a local Khet or Amphur (Thai district office, similar to a county office). It is a process that can take as few as 5 Full working days to complete with our help.

1. Contact Legally Married in Thailand if you want help in getting legally married in Thailand. Best to use our contact form 

2. ALL  Ampurs with our service do require you obtain a notarized marital status affidavit from the U.S. Embassy Bangkok or Consulate General Chiang Mai.

if married married befor you must bring your aoriginal divorce certificate or Spouse’s Death certificate


IMPORTANT: Some Amphurs require a certified copy of your U.S. Passport. We will tell you if it is needed depending on the city of your desired registration of your marriage in Thailand. 


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