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It is not easy for a Polish national to get legally married in Thailand but is possible.

 How does a Polish citizen gets married in Thailand 

You must call or contact your embassy in Bangkok to make an appointment 
As well as to ask the requirements and procedure as it stands today. 
– What documents each of you must bring and submit to your embassy. So they will issue a document that we must translate and have certified by the Thai MFA. In order you can register your marriage in Bangkok or else where in Thailand. 
embassy fees
– Is the document still be issued on the same day? 

Also, check with them that after the legal Thai marriage:

– Both the Thai marriage documents must be Translated and certified by the Thai MFA. 
– Then submitted to the Polish embassy. – We also need you to make a limited power of attorney. In order that my staff may submit and collect the documents from the embassy on your behalf. 
– The Polish embassy will then translate and certify their translations. Then notify us when they are completed which can take an unbelievably long time.

– We then collect and send to you by DHL. at your cost. 

It is best to arrange you do to notify on your own. 

That is the best way to start. As you are wishing to marry in Thailand. Then let me know if you want our help. Believe me, is much easier with help…

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My nickname is "Jit", and I am in charge of looking after our legal documentation and marriage registration preparations for couples to make their marriage legal.

If you want to know more about me, personally check me out on "Linked In" or just Google "Somchit Srimoon", which is my full name.