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What Good is a Prenuptial in Thailand

Signing a prenuptual agreement in Thailand

A prenuptial agreement in Thailand is a written agreement created by two different people before they are legally married. In this agreement, all properties each person own will be listed, and they will specify what each person’s property rights will be after the union.


A prenuptial agreement is not only meant for the rich but actually for everyone planning to get married. Prenuptial agreements are often used to protect the properties and assets of wealthy fiancé and couples. It is considered crucial for the most couple with or without kids.

Standard laws will determine who owns the property that you acquire during your marriage well before your wedding if you do not.  Also, what will happen to your property in any case of divorce or death? The law may even have a say in what happens to some of the property you own before you were married. According to the law, it is legally assumed that marriage is a contract, between the marrying couples and with that contract, certain automatic property rights for each spouse are valid.


Going into marriage, what people always plan is to last together forever. However, unfortunately, the cases may change; it may not be the outcome they intend due to some unforeseen issues and circumstances. Specific aspects may come up that they had no plan for, yet is unavoidable. Moreover, because they did not see them coming, it makes it difficult for them to cope. This inability to deal with the situation most times, lead to divorce, especially if no amicable reconciliation can be met.

Today, statistically, half of all marriages end in divorce. with second marriages being even more likely to end in divorce.  At times, one of the partners may lose his/her life which they had never thought of or intended. So, with such high odds, protecting yourself and assets before marriage is not a bad idea after all, but might turn out to be the best idea. A prenuptial agreement is a perfect way to do this because;

What a Prenuptial can do for you BOTH!. 

It protects the financial assets and the inheritance rights of any of the children; putting in place the legal document. The prenuptial agreement also will protect the children’s financial asset and inheritance rights from being divided or affected by a new spouse.

It protects your business or investments so that in the event of divorce, it remains intact and preserved. Everyone works hard, creates a successful business for himself to relax and rest at old age. The prenuptial agreement guarantees the industry goes untouched even if the marriage was to end in a divorce. Furthermore, a prenuptial agreement will shield your business from been divided.

It also protects you from inheriting your spouse debt; assuming your intended spouse has substantial debt or a weak financial background. Prenuptial agreements help you to maintain your financial stability if a divorce were to happen.

In the case of property protection, a prenuptial agreement helps you to protect your properties. It helps you in defining which item of the property each partner will be entitled to, in the event of divorce or separation


 To see what we can do for you in creating as bulletproof as possible prenuptial agreements that is a legal and binding document in Thailand and beyond… So it can if not assure your wishes in case of a divorce or at least assist in your chances of securing your rights and Liability. It should limit or eliminate future disagreement as you both have agreed to and stated what was the intent at the time of getting married. It should remove the need for an expensive divorce lawyer in Thailand. If a divorce occurs saving huge divorce lawyer fees.

Find out more about prenups at  Here is how to bulletproof your prenuptial agreement.

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