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The Bangkok Basic Registration Procedure - using our services

Our Thai Legal Marriage Registration Service in Bangkok is simply the best registration service. It is designed for couples planning to legal marriage registration in Bangkok while staying around for at least a few working days. Therefore, The entire process Normally takes four full working days for most couples. Ensuring, you to enjoy your wedding vacation without spending endless time pouring over confusing paperwork.

Once your documents have been seen and stamped by your Embassy. Our staff will take over and process everything on your behalf until your registration day.  Above all, means you only need to go to your embassy for normally about an hour. Then on the morning of the registration day to register the marriage itself. In conclusion, this allows you the time and freedom to explore Bangkok and the surrounding area. Rather than running around to government offices.

This is what is invovled when using our service

Included in our Bangkok Legal Marriage Registration is:

  • Lots of free time in Bangkok to explore and relax in a vibrant city and still get legally married.
  • Preparation of the Affirmation of Freedom to Marry document.  This including email proofing of the wording of your affidavits. Done, prior to your arrival in Thailand.
  • We will meet you at your embassy in Bangkok.  Optionally we meet at your centrally located hotel in Bangkok and take you to your respective embassy.  In order to get your affidavits witnessed on the first available working day by your embassy. Then your fee to explore Bangkok.
  • We will translation of the affidavits into the Thai language by our Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, registered translators.
  • Legal certification of the Thai language translation by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Our staff will after the documents are ready, accompany you to the fastest Bangkok district office to register your Thai marriage.
  • After you complete the legal marriage registration in Bangkok, you are supplied with your Translator certified English translation of your Thai marriage certificate. You receive them either in person at your hotel or by mail to your address in your country of residence overseas.


For Registering Most couples in Bangkok12,900 baht + fees charged by your embassy

Help with other Servcies.

 Such as providing prenuptial agreements before the registration. As well as,  the essential, fully certified documents and translations required by the immigration authorities in your home country.

We can arrange after the marriage if needed Thai Foreign ministry certified English Translations if needed. The cost is 2,500 baht per document per copy. However, most nationalities will never need these but for the few that do, we can help with it this too.

We can also arrange UAE Embassy Certifications of The Translations of your marriage documents. For instance, for spousal visa application purposes if you are working there.


Booking our friendly, professional service well in advance is advised, as only one couple per day can be scheduled. We look forward to taking on the hassle of dealing with Thai bureaucracy, thus ensuring your special day is trouble-free.

We require a 50% deposit via paypal.com or Western Union or Transferwise.com. It is payable to reserve the date of your booking, with the balance due in cash on completion of the service.

We are happy to answer your questions.

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