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Moroccan Embassy Requirements to Marry in Thailand

These are the requirements for a Moroccan national to get married in Thailand as according to the Moroccan embassy official on June 29, 2011 are as follows.

Please check with the embassy for any updates.

1) The Moroccan citizen must go in person, get a statement from the Foreign affairs Ministry in Morocco only stating they are free to marry.

2) Then go with this statement stamp in the Foreign affairs Ministry in Morocco, to the embassy in Thailand and fill in the sworn statement swearing they are free to marry under Thai law .

3) One  must also supply details for two Moroccan citizens known to the national, who are living in Thailand and must be registered with the Moroccan embassy as being so, before ambassador will issue the required statement needed by the Thai officials to proceed with the marriage.

It is unclear to how long the approval takes in Thailand will take as only one individual may sign it so they must be in the office. So make sure before coming he is not on holidays. But one or two days was implied.


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