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You must start your marriage off on the right foot, with no secrets from one another. This is doubly true for the prenuptial agreement as well. Let us help you both. By engaging our Prenuptial agreement services in Thailand

It is a scary thing to ask the persons you love to talk about a prenuptial agreement, yet, alone to sign a prenup. Think logically about it. There is no better time to be open about your financial position and beliefs than before you get married. A well-crafted prenup is designed to protect both parties!  Not just the richer or the two parties. Sure most men that first think about the are richer.  When written most prenups are written they are trying to protect the groom’s assets. By law, it must be a two-way street. It must also protect the bride as well or it could be overturned here and even more likely to be so back home. 

We help you with the filing of your Prenuptial agreement when you register your marriage at the Amphur or Khet… It must be in the Thai language or two languages to make it a legally binding document under Thai Law. If it is only in English it is not a legally binding document here in Thailand. It will also weaken it overseas, if not void it.  As your bride only needs to say she did not know what it was when she signed it. Then your money time and safety are gone in the blink of an eye. 


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Our Prenuptial Agreement Services in Thailand. 

We do not do the prenuptial agreements in-house.  As we do not have the needed skill set to do them as they must be done. 

We do recommend people who are true experts at prenuptial agreements, who we have worked with and trust to do it right.  our colleagues will tell you what is not allowed or will weaken the prenuptial agreement’s legal standing if heaven forbid you ever need to go to court.   We are happy to tell our clients who they are and how to contact them directly. We do not publish their contact details here on our website, as we like to ensure that our clients first shot at engaging their services. As they also offer great prices to people we recommend them to thus saving you a lot of money. 

You can either have our colleagues compose your proper Prenuptial Agreement to achieve your legal requirements and desires while being legally recognised in Thailand. We will also have it filed at the registry office for you when you register your marriage through us in Thailand. 


We can alternatively translate your existing English prenuptial agreement from your home country.  It must be a proper legal English version. We will professionally translate it into the Thai language. Therefore ensuring it can be legally registered. When you register your marriage at the Amphur or Khet. 

Be aware that the Thai authorities will require a full list of the assets you claim to own at present and proof of ownership. That list and copies of proof will be kept on file at the Thai registry office, along with a hard copy of your Prenup.


We also work with a  German translator of the German prenuptial agreement into the Thai language. if you need that contact detail. 

Please contact us for more information on prenuptial agreement services in Thailand.

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