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Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked questions –  FAQ about getting legally married in Thailand. 

 These are often asked questions about getting married in Thailand. 


You trust “Amazon.com” do you not?  They started with no normal retail shops… We started as a brick and mortar office. Then we realized the only person who stayed in the office was the receptionists, they were bored and their salary cost more than the few people that ever came in generated in profit.  So we realised better we keep our prices low and go the 21st century way. So we have since expanded and have staff in 5 cities around Thailand. Only our original Chiang Mai office is open to the public, as it contains  “Jit’s” family home upstairs.

Believe me, the Front door is seldom open as she is normally “off looking after clients”. So if you drop by unexpectedly, so don’t be surprised to have the front door closed. So best to call ahead. 

Who is Legally married in Thailand?

You most likely be in direct contact with our chief administrator. Somchit Srimoon when corresponding with us by email or phone, but on arrival, you will be in the capable hands of our local staff, located in the cities like Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi or other major locations. Not to worry as any time you want you may call Khun Jit, when in Thailand for whatever reason be it marriage-related questions or not. Feel free! 

“Baan Rak Khet” Registrar Policy

We do not use the registrar at Baan Rak in Bangkok at any time. As they take too long and ask for special documents that are not legally required. As well can make couples wait over a month before they will register then. 

I am a dual citizen, what do I do to marry in Thailand?

You enter Thailand on the passport you intend to marry with, as the passport number will be recorded on the actual marriage certificate. As well the freedom of affidavit must be issued by that embassy as well. Please notify us of this fact when you first contact us.

May I marry a second wife, as I am Muslim in Thailand?

NO, Thailand does not recognize plural marriages, any longer. It does recognize any faith marriage as long as they are properly documented but they will not allow the registration of more than one wife or husband at a time.

I am going to have a Thai wedding, but have no embassy or consulate in Thailand to issue the required Thai marriage documents. What can I do?

That depends on your nationality but normally there is a way around it, but you MUST talk with an expert on that matter directly as here is not the place to answer as each nationality and every personal case is different. So please send your inquiry to us through the questionnaire. But do not just come and assume it can all be arranged in the country because it can not.

I am a legal resident of The States but I am a Mexican citizen can I get my Freedom to Marry affidavits from the American embassy in Bangkok?

No, you must get your “Affidavit of Freedom to Marry” certified from the embassy or consulate of which you are a national. This embassy or consulate must be in Thailand. Without it being issued by your own embassy you may not marry in Thailand.

Why do you not help in my embassy with paperwork, like other sites say they do?

There are very few if any embassies that will allow non-nationals in and to assist their nationals with any documentation or process unless they are legally involved parties. It has to do with undue influence laws and common sense. If you can not get any service from your embassy then just maybe there is a problem. We want to make sure all our marriages are done in full accordance with all laws. Also remember that your embassy is your county legally, not Thailand. Not my fault other “experts, on the internet” really do not know what they are supposed to know and are just a middleman. Or worse they just are liars… What do they say 50 lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ocean is called….
Sorry, to our clients who are lawyers who can not also laugh at themselves.

Can I get the marriage affidavit I need from my embassy in another embassy outside Thailand?

No, it must be issued in Thailand unless you have no consulate or embassy in Thailand. Then best you contact us about the procedure. This is because Thai FM also checks the authenticity of the signatures on file. They only have signature samples of Thai based consular staff.

Can I bring my divorce papers to my embassy from another country? 

Normally, NO. For example, if you are a British national then expect the embassy to require them to be translated into English and Certified. Do not expect the British embassy to accept Mexican divorce papers in Spanish, without being translated into English and certified. Best to let us know about any such documents not issued by your country…

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My nickname is "Jit", and I am in charge of looking after our legal documentation and marriage registration preparations for couples to make their marriage legal.

If you want to know more about me, personally check me out on "Linked In" or just Google "Somchit Srimoon", which is my full name.