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The Koh Samui Registration Options

This is our most stress-free and easy option to get legally married in Koh Samui. We call it the Premiere Marriage Registration Service in Koh Samui.

For most nationalities, it only requires the couple to be in Bangkok for one working morning, in order to go to their embassy and get their affidavits witnessed. This means that we can register your marriage 5-7 working days later at the Koh Samui island.
 NOTE: As at present it will take 7 working days due to logistics. – October 2022

Check with us on your exact time requirements, as post-Covid things are still not easily confirmable. , which vary from nationality to nationality.

The Premiere Registration process is:

1) You choose a date for your trip to Thailand.

2) Fill out our simple contact form and answer all of our questions.

3) We will send you an email with your options. You decide which one suits you best.

4) After that, if you decide to book with us, you need to send a 50% deposit as stated on our website terms page. Please confirm your preferred date(s).

5) We will normally check your affidavits before you come to Thailand by email. If they are not required to be typed out by our embassy.-7

When in Thailand

1) You go to your embassy or consulate and meet us at the agreed-upon time and date. After exiting the embassy, you sign some Thai releases, and hand over your embassy witnessed affidavits and some photocopies. Now you are free to explore Bangkok. The approximate time this takes in most embassies is about 2030 minutes in the embassy if done first thing in the morning.

2) Then our staff in Koh Samui will meet you at your resort on the appointed day and time. They will take you to register your marriage at the Amphur and when completed, you will leave the office with the legal Thai marriage certificates in hand.

3) We will send you by mail, your translator’s certified English translation of your marriage certificate. This is shipped by registered mail to your home address or wherever you want.

Cost: 19,900 baht for registering most couples in Koh Samui, plus any embassy fees.

Please note that we can only book one couple per day for any service, so book early.

For more information contact us on our easy form 

A Romantic Optional Service

Having the official Thai Registrar at your wedding ceremony venue. We can arrange this option even on weekends or evenings where the local registrar comes to your wedding venue in Koh Samui. This will allow you to both sign the registrar, without you even leaving the resort, making it fully legal on your special day. This is only available as an extra option and is subject to registrar availability and at the registrar’s discretion. Remember, the island only has one registrar, so book early. This does not include any wedding ceremony!

Contact us for details determined by venue location and time desired.

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We can help you with other services if needed, such as…  Extra fees apply

A.) If you need documents certified or special translations for your home governments, especially when it applies to apply for your immigration visas of couples with different nationalities.
B.) UAE certification of your Thai marriage documents for visas, if you are working there and need spousal visas.
C.) Saudi Arabia Certification of your marriage documents for visa use.
D.) We also offer spousal visa services for certain countries like Britain, USA and others. 

Open chat

My nickname is "Jit", and I am in charge of looking after our legal documentation and marriage registration preparations for couples to make their marriage legal.

If you want to know more about me, personally check me out on "Linked In" or just Google "Somchit Srimoon", which is my full name.