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The Philippines Embassy in Bangkok Requirements To Marry in Thailand

Please Note: One’s capacity of marriage certificate from her country must be used within 30 days of issue.

Please note: There is no way to speed up the Philippine embassy so do not ask.

A) Philippines Embassy in Bangkok requirements to get the required affidavit is:
1. Both parties are required to appear in person before the consular officer at the Embassy in Bangkok to apply for CLCCM;
If one/ both of the contracting parties is/ are between 18 to 21 years old, an“Affidavit of Consent” executed by the parents of the contracting parties should be presented to the consular officer.
If one/ both of the contracting parties is/ are between 21-25 years old, a written proof of Parental Advice should be presented to the consular officer.
2.original and a Photocopy Duly authenticated Certificate of “No Record of Previous Marriage,” issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) and duly authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA);
3. Duly authenticated “Certificate of Live Birth” duly authenticated by NSO and DFA; sports where applicants’ photograph and personal particulars are indicated. Kindly note that the Embassy does not offer photocopying service; and,


It will take about 23 working days in total. That being, 11 working days for your embassy in Bangkok to issue at present. Then at least 6 working days to register, and another 6 working days to notify your embassy in Bangkok.

A) Please contact the embassy to confirm, if you do not believe me.

B) Then, when you have the affidavits issued by the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok, we can get you married in as little as two full working days.
C) Then we need to get the Thai marriage documents translated and certified by the Thai FM so you can notify your embassy. Or get any international spousal visas. That is an extra fee of 2,500 baht per document, per copy, plus any shipping if needed, and it takes 1 full working day, but it can be done on your behalf.

D) Notification of the Embassy after the marriage, that it has occurred.
one original Thai FM certified translation of just the marriage certificate.

Notify your Embassy after Marriage

The Philippines embassy will take normally take one original of the translation certified by the Thai FM of the marriage document

Thai marriage certificate and the Kor Ror 2 translated into English and duly authenticated by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
Original and copy of both your passports’ personal data page and visa pages;
Duly accomplished Report of Marriage Form (4 copies); and
Payment of the processing embassy fee of Baht 1000.00.
Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage (per person) 850
Report of Marriage 1,000
Notification of Marriage to the Philippines can no longer be done on your behalf.

If you want to make it as fast as humanly possible to do all the paperwork please hire us and book in advance. We do not take last minute bookings. 

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