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You may marry in Thailand as a Russian citizen.

You are required to obtain an affidavit of freedom to marry from your Russian embassy in Bangkok first. It is easy but remember you need internal and external passport with you.

Marriage in Thailand are of local registry offices according to Thai laws. For the registration of marriage provided an affidavit of marital status is decorated in the consular section.
To obtain this document, you must personally appear at the consular section with the passport and fill out affidavit (you can only get at the Consular Department). The completed form is verified and certified by the consular officer.
Affidavit is issued on a appointed date  of its filling and filing by appointment procedure..
Upon receipt of an affidavit it must be legalized and translated into the Thai language 
After that, the documents may be served in the Thai authorities.
For legalization of Thai marriage certificate must be obtained, as well as extract from the book of acts the registration of marriages in an official REGISTRY OFFICE Department where you were married. 
These documents are legalized and translated into English in the Consular Department of the FOREIGN MINISTRY of Thailand, then presented (with translation into Russian language) to legalization and notarization of translation in the consular section of the Embassy


Consular Section

78 Sap Road (entrance from Soi Santiphap), Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Tel: (662) 234-2012
Fax: (662) 268-1166
E-mail: consulbkk@rambler.ru
Office Hours (for visitors): 09.00-12.00 (Monday-Friday)

If you need help with this process plaease concider our servcies. 

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