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Terms and payment page for legally Married in Thailand

Terms for legally Married in Thailand

Please know and understand that no ceremonies of any kind are included with our services. 

Any questions regarding payments can be directed to inquires@legallymarriedinthailand.com

Timing of Payments policy:

 – Before any booking of our services can be confirmed, we do require a 50% deposit.

As outlined by methods below.

Please note: 

  • 1) If these certifications by the Thai MOFA are required, then on or before the day of your marriage registration. The final payments for your marriage registration service must be paid in full. We will arrange registered courier delivery within Thailand.
  • 2) If you want us to do any MOFA certifications or foreign embassy certifications of your Thai marriage documents on your behalf, We require final payment before shipping. 
  • 3) If you are registering at your wedding venue then we strongly advise and sometimes require final payment before the day of your ceremony. It is best for you as relieves stress and worries on your big day. You have more important things to do than worry about making payments at your ceremony. As well my staff hate asking and being pushy.

You may pay by cash (Thai baht), Western Union wise.com or local bank transfer. 

We require an initial non-refundable payment of 50% of the final quotation to confirm your acceptance of our services. This must be received before any further proceedings can be confirmed. The balance is payable in Cash upon completion of services. If services are scheduled to be completed after your departure from Thailand then full payment is required before you depart Thailand.

You may pay by cash (Thai baht), Western Union or Paypal or local bank transfer. 

For the Western Union:

Western Union
Payee name/address: Somchit Srimoon, 61-65 Wualai Road, A. Muang, Chiang Mai Thailand 50100.

After sending funds, please send us a notice of the transaction, with the sender’s name and local address in the payment’s country of origin, so that we may verify and collect payment.

For wise.com:

This is often the best and cheapest choice if you have a debit card. As the exchange rate is the best offered.

It is also created by the first employee of PayPal.com  It is partly owned by the owners of Virgin and Paypal and Skype. So is a great firm. You can use the banking details below with Transferwise.com.

The Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited*
Branch: Siam Paragon
Account name: Somchit Srimoon
Bank Account type: Savings account
Account number: 218-234226-5

Additionally, the sender must accept responsibility for all transfer fees on your end or by your bank’s interim bank. We will only accept responsibility for our local bank’s fees so please be aware of any international transfer fees imposed by your bank. If you wish to send international transfers we need to approve before sending and can provide different banking details.

For Paypal.com:

Payments in Thai Bat can be sent. I prefer other methods, as they do not support the Freedom of speech of others. As they charge an extra fee which you must cover so is a 5% extra cost to you. 
End of my soap box rant.

Local bank transfers:   within Thailand only. No overseas transfers are accepted without prior consent.


  • Cancellation policy:

All deposits or payments are forfeited if a cancellation notice is received. Any further refunds or date postponements are at our discretion. We have never denied a postponement and seldom refused a refund if there is a reasonable reason. 

While travelling, you are most likely not covered by any insurance. We suggest that you make arrangements so that you and your personal property are fully insured for the duration of your trip. Similarly, please arrange adequate insurance in the unforeseen event of any postponement or cancellation of your wedding.

Although every possible care is taken to safeguard you and your personal property, we accept no liability to clients for any accidents, injuries or illness incurred while travelling, arranged by ourselves or our suppliers, or for any loss of, or damage to, clients’ personal property during their wedding or honeymoon.

By booking and paying an initial payment or deposit, for marriage registration, you are deemed to have accepted the Liability and Insurance clauses outlined above. You are also deemed to have read, understood, and accepted all of these booking terms and conditions.asking you. 

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My nickname is "Jit", and I am in charge of looking after our legal documentation and marriage registration preparations for couples to make their marriage legal.

If you want to know more about me, personally check me out on "Linked In" or just Google "Somchit Srimoon", which is my full name.