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We started by doing the marriage registration services for my destination wedding clients only in 1995, and then later we were asked if we could help other wedding planners by doing their couples legal side as well. I was actually the first destination wedding planner in Thailand. So I had to make sure it was perfect, back then was clearly easier and faster.  As the government assumed that all couples who would be registering in Thailand would be Thai and westerners.  So they did not feel so nervous about the paperwork.

In fact,  in the beginning of doing this for couples off this website, we could go to the embassy first thing in the morning and have the couple legally register by end of the afternoon legally married and on a plane back to the UAE that evening. As many were expat from there.  No legal corners were cut and no rules were broken. 

Now the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, now demands we all submit the documents and wait 3 working days, no matter what so they sit and age your documents for 3working days before they will return them. Why? My guess is to prove they can, as if there were any issues at all with the documents, they would do their job and just would not release them until it till it is all cleared up.

So how do we make it faster than most if not all lawyer offices that are listed on the internet? Easy we start sooner when you have time before you come to Thailand… thus saving your valuable vacation and honeymoon time, for better use.

We have you tell us your details and we pre-proof your affidavits and check all your documents are all in order, all before you even get to Thailand.  The secondly, we make sure we are ready to have our people to run your documents by only the fastest and safest methods possible. Be it between government offices or locations within Thailand.  We have even hand-carried documents between cities as couriers were not fast enough. I will have a schedule and plans ready before you come to Thailand, so we can coordinate with your wedding planner if you have one. And the legal requirements are all arranged well ahead of time.  

Our goal is to make sure we can keep every promise we make and leave couples no couple not legally married in Thailand.  

I used to say we never failed but we did once. As the Thai Government changed its policy on Nepal nationals getting registered in Thailand. The groom had already gotten the documents from his embassy. Then came back weeks later and the Thai Ministry of Foreign Ministry would not certify the affidavits. So no registry office could help register the Marriage, even with our great working relationship with many registrars.  So I have failed!

I hated the feeling and do my best to never have that feeling again.


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