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Jit our founder has been asked to be a Judge

Somchit Srimoon

We are pleased to announce that Somchit Srimoon has been asked to be a judge in the Hitchbird’s upcoming awards competition. 

Who is Jit?

Somchit Srimoon better known as “Jit”, has a long and respected history in regards to destination weddings in Thailand. From her beginnings as a wedding planner in Chiang Mai to the founder and CEO of Legally Married in Thailand. Which is a speciality wedding service which makes any wedding ceremony in Thailand a legally recognised marriage worldwide. No matter where your wedding ceremony is being held in Thailand. This can be done for most nationalities, but sadly not all.   That being said, “Legally married in Thailand” has been making weddings legal in Thailand for over 20 years for countless couples.  
“Jit” started off the very first destination wedding planner in Thailand. As time passed her firm was asked by many newer wedding planners in the south of Thailand if they would help their couples get legally registered too. As a firm promoter of couples coming to Thailand to experience all Thailand has to offer, they, of course, helped.  
Getting your marriage registered in Thailand It is not the easiest of things to do. It is something most couples wanted, a real legal marriage recognised back home.  Legally Married in Thailand, started off as helping fellow wedding planners and as word of what they can do spread, they started to do for couples who planned their own weddings locally, as well as for villa and resort venues too.  
We take great pride in Jit being invited by Hitchbird.com to be a Judge and they awarded her with a “Preferred Partner” in their directory of wedding suppliers in Asia 
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