Thai Marriage Certificate

The Thai marriage is actually a contractual marriage which for any people who think slavery is a sin, might just be what you should be demanding.

I hear lots about the vows including “love honor and obey” that Obey should be removed but in fact it should be considered if you should be a chatel or not and that would be a more basic restructuring of the whole legal aspect of what a marriage legally is in the west.

The western marriage is preformed in the States, Canada, ac is in fact the exchanging of a chattel. That would be like you buy and sell as daughter into slaver as you would an elephant in Thailand here we respect our women rights. We do not give a way a bride we allow our daughters to choice to marry where they ave actual rights and freedoms that a chattel marriage dos not.

Ok so is all tongue and check but the history of a western marriage is just that the exchange of a female as you would a cow, car, ox or horse. That is why in the west they only issue one marriage certificate, in Thailand you each get one, as is a legally biding agreement between two parties, not a exchange of property.

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