Philippines getting legally married in Thailand

I just want to inform everyone, that as a Pinyo you can easily get married in Thailand with your foreign boyfriend, no matter what the nationality.

I also want to thank Legally married in Thailand for their help to the point I thought I would give them some help with a promo video.

It does take about two weeks once you land in Thailand. As the Philippines embassy will not issue the needed document for about 11 days. If your loved one can not get that much time off work you can go ahead of time to start the process. then he come to Thailand later to register.

Yes getting married in Thailand you need a fair bit of documents from your home city, but is basically easy to get, and the marriage is legally recognized everywhere in the world.

The great people at will assist you in getting it done as painlessly as possible. They are wedding professionals and are very experienced with all aspects of the legal process.

So if you want to get married in Thailand, talk with “Jit” and the other friendly people at Legally Married in Thailand and they will take care of you from start to finish.

Just tell them if you found my video helpful in your decision to contact them.

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