Thai Marriage Certificate

Abigail McLaughlin -Ireland

Jit Written Testimonials

This is a testimonial from a couple who tried to do it on their own and came to us after they found it impossible to complete.

Testimonial: My husband and I arrived in Bangkok after finding out all the details we needed to legally get married in Thailand. We had been to the ministry of foreign affairs and got all our paperwork legalized and translated. After that, we went to 2 different district offices in Bangkok to register the marriage only to be stonewalled by both with no exact reason. Heartbroken and frustrated we contacted Jit the day before leaving Bangkok and asked if she could help. I cannot express how grateful I am for her help!  We were picked the next morning and taken straight to the district offices to sign the paperwork and receive our marriage certificate. There was no messing about and no problems at all. I cannot recommend her services enough. Thank you so much Jit!