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Marriage Registration Service In Chiang Mai

Marriage Registration Service in Chiang Mai

Now you can get married legally in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with our professional support.

We will need 4 full working days once your affidavits are stamped and handed over to our staff in Chiang Mai or Bangkok. With your added participation, we can reduce the time needed for the process. Contact us  to discuss this option further.

The legal marriage registration is preformed and permanently recorded in the cities annals of the ancient and romantic city of Chiang Mai. Some couples need not even go to Bangkok, determined by their home nations (ie, Canada, USA, Sweden) these have a consulate in Chiang Mai that is authorized to witness affidavits.

Or we will also start the process in Bangkok and finalize it in Chiang Mai.

Our services include:

・    Preparation of Affirmation of Freedom to Marry (including an email to you checking the affidavit’s wording will cause no delay s or hassles, this will be done prior to your arrival).
・    Translation of Affirmation of Freedom to Marry into the Thai language. This will be done by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs registered translators.
・    Certification of the translations at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
・    When the documentation is completed, we accompany you both to register your marriage at the amphur (district office) in Chiang Mai. Where your marriage will be recorded for prosperity.
・    We will provide you with the English translation of the Thai Marriage Certificate certified by the Translator.
・    We will hand it over to you in person within minutes of your marriage being legally registered in the Chiang Mai.*

We can help you with other services as well, such as if you need documents certified or translations for your home governments, especially when it applies to applying for immigration visas of couples with different nationalities.


For couples registering in Chiang Mia 11,000 Baht+Your embassy fees


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We require a 50% deposit by paypal.com or western Union at the time of booking confirmation and balance in cash on completion of service. We can also arrange UAE certification of your marriage documents for visas if your are working there.

  This is all you need to change your name on legal documents if your marrying someone of the same nationality in most cases.

We can also optionally arrange a UAE certification of your marriage documents for visas, if you are working in the UAE.

Visit in 888bingo information.

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