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UAE Certification for Visas


UAE certification for Thai marriage documentation for spousal visa applications for those living in the UAE (This pertains to the Certification of Marriage documents only, and does not include the marriage registration in Thailand.)

This is the service that supplies the needed documentation, if you are applying for a married working visa in the UAE, so you can live there together once you are legally married in Thailand.


Our service includes:
  Translation of the Thai Marriage Certificate and supporting documentation into English by a Thai certified translator
  Certifications of the translation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  Then, we take the documents to the UAE embassy in Bangkok for their certification
  We then return the document to you after your honeymoon, or if need be, we can send it by FedEx or another courier service to you in the UAE.

The process can take from 7 to 10 or even 14 working days, depending on the speed (and mood, unfortunately) of the UAE embassy staff. We often are told to come back several times at collection appointments before the papers are released, so we can not promise the speed of this service. We do promise to do it as fast as possible.


After your married to have Thai marriage documents certified by the UAE Embassy on your behalf
it costs 11,900 baht including FedEX or DHL them to the UAE  when completed.

If you are interested in our services to make your certification as fast and painless as possible, please send us an email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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