USA Procedure For Getting Affidavits


1. Make an appointment at the embassy on line for either Bangkok or Chiang Mai to get your pre-check affidavits witnessed.

2. Complete an affidavit at the U.S. Embassy. The affidavit form, available through our office or you may download them  includes all of the information required by relevant Thai law. The form must be completed and notarized at the Embassy. The notaries fee is $50 per seal.

If you have previously been married, you must also fill out a divorce form only if your not using our service and cost 50$ more to have stamped. . . (This is not required when we assist with the actual registration with you at the amphur, but you need to bring original divorce decreases or death certificates if widowed. )

Embassy fee: $50 for the affidavit of marriage; an additional $50 for the second affidavit.