Swedish citizens marry in Thailand


This is for non residents marrying non Swedish citizens.

The Swedish embassy in Bangkok must issue a statements stating yourfree to marry under Thai law.

They require Swedish nationals to provide as proof:
1)    Marriage status paper. Applications for marriage status are sent to the local tax authority for which is written in Sweden. 

2) Annual income proof. Can be a pay slip from the employer, information on pensions from social insurance or similar.

3)   Reference Letter with the name signed by two friends (not relatives) in Sweden, which confirms that the applicant is unmarried. 

4) The applicant must also provide parents’ names and professional. The form is available on the page given 

5) For those who previously been married need a certified copy of the final divorce decree or death certificate

6) Photocopies of both parties’ passports

They will issue the affidavit in one day.


Please check with embassy for updates