Indian National Requirements


What documentation for a Indian national to marry in Thailand.

First off you must either have a Thai work permit or a Thai Education visa for the Indian embassy to issue the needed documents. if not contact your Indian embassy in Bangkok for an exception.

In order to legally marry in Thailand, you must obtain a sworn affidavit stating your free to marry in Thailand under Thai law. It must be issued in Bangkok by the Indian embassy and signed stamped by them.

You will be required by the Indian embassy to supply the following documents in Bangkok:

You must go in person to obtain this sworn affidavit.

As well you must present a 1) “Bachelorhood Affidavit from Competent Courts in India” it must as well be 1a) attested from the

Consular Section, (CPV Division),
Ministry of External Affairs,
Government of India

This is attested to at Ground Floor, Patiala House (Ground Floor), Tilak Marg, New Delhi , India.

You must present as well your original 2) Passport and 2b) Photocopies of all pages that contain personal data and the current visa page for Thailand.

Also: The Indian National must either have a valid Thai work permit or a proper Thai student visa before the Indian embassy will issue the needed affidavit.


The Indian embassy will require 3 working days to issue the affidavit normally.

Fees charged by embassy

Baht 450
Service charge Baht 70.

Current as of February 2014

Please check with embassy for any updates or questions.

Please do not contact us.